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Postbit written in multiple alphabets

English: Postbit
Arab: بوست بت
Russian: Постбит

Postbit is compatible with Unicode/UTF-8 character set, so you can write in many alphabets and use accents and special symbols in your posts.

Post by Postbit Blog (2012-07-11 21:36)

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Postbit technology

Postbit website is created using the following technologies and tools:

  • PERL (programming language) with mod_perl module
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL (database) and Memcached (cache engine to avoid database overload).
  • Hosted on Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • Backup created with Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store), S3 and rsync.
  • Server monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch for EC2 instances
  • Emails are sent with Postfix
  • Image compression tools
  • Search engine (proprietary search engine programmed in PERL)
  • Authentication module (proprietary single sign-on and Facebook/Twitter authentication API)
  • Encryption with bcrypt and Blowfish
  • Some pages are dynamically created and cached as static html
  • Dynamic pages are created with HTML 5, optimized JavaScript (with Closure Compiler), ajax and jQuery library.
  • Social Network integration with Google Plus and Facebook Like button and Twitter (Tweet button).
  • Dovecot: IMAP and POP email server (to to receive external emails, store into user's mailboxes and deliver messages to local users)
  • Postfix: to send emails from Postbit server to external email servers (sendmail) and used as smtpd (Postfix SMTP server) to deliver local user's emails to external servers.

Post by Postbit Blog (2011-10-26 11:32)

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RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are available now for all postbit blogs!
Just add '/rss' to the end of your address, like this:

All pages now have a small 'rss logo' with link to the xml file of the rss feed:
RSS Logo

We tested the feed template and its xml content with online RSS validator "Feed Validation Service" to comply with the W3C standards for Atom or RSS feeds syntax:

Sample XML content with RSS FEED of a single post:

<rss xmlns:atom="" version="2.0">
<atom:link href="" rel="self" type="application/rss+xml"/>
<title>Postbit - Postbit Blog</title>
<generator>Postbit (1.0; @blog)</generator>
<title>RSS Feeds</title>
<![CDATA[RSS feeds are available now for all postbit blogs.]]>

Post by Postbit Blog (2011-09-21 15:21)

From: Andrea
Questo articolo è davvero interessante. By :) 2015-10-03 19:11

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New Postbit homepage (2011-09)

Postbit now has a new redesigned homepage with new logo and more visual information.
View selected blog posts and photos from our users.
Fluid layout: Images fit browser window size.

Post by Postbit Blog (2011-09-20 02:18)

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Reserved username list

This is the list of reserved usernames (pre-defined list of special banned and reserved keywords in names, such as "root", "www", "admin").
When we create a public system where users can choose a login name or a sub-domain name, we use this list to define which user names can not be used. The login authentication software verifies if the username is in this black list in the register validation process.
Some reserved keywords here are specific for our service (Postbit) and other are generic black listed and reserved names that we use for all other services with login and usernames.
Some websites forbid any generic names, short names (forbidden number of characters like usersnames with 1 or 2 characters) or also create lists of super famous people and companies so those logins can be reserved for future use.
We allow only valid characters in the username that for us are letters, numbers, underline "_" and minus "-" (if it is in the middle of the username). We don't allow dot "." because it is reserved as a subdomain separator.

List of reserved usernames

about access account accounts add address adm admin administration adult
advertising affiliate affiliates ajax analytics android anon anonymous
api app apps archive atom auth authentication avatar
backup banner banners bin billing blog blogs board bot
bots business
chat cache cadastro calendar campaign careers cgi client cliente code comercial
compare config connect contact contest create code compras css
dashboard data db design delete demo design designer dev devel dir
directory doc docs domain download downloads
edit editor email ecommerce
forum forums faq favorite feed feedback flog follow file files free ftp
gadget gadgets games guest group groups
help home homepage host hosting hostname html http httpd https hpg
info information image img images imap index invite intranet indice
ipad iphone irc
java javascript job jobs js
log login logs logout list lists
mail mail1 mail2 mail3 mail4 mail5 mailer mailing mx manager marketing
master me media message microblog microblogs mine mp3 msg msn mysql
messenger mob mobile movie movies music musicas my
name named net network new news newsletter nick nickname notes noticias
ns ns1 ns2 ns3 ns4
old online operator order orders
page pager pages panel password perl pic pics photo photos photoalbum
php plugin plugins pop pop3 post postmaster
postfix posts profile project projects promo pub public python
random register registration root ruby rss
sale sales sample samples script scripts secure send service shop
sql signup signin search security settings setting setup site
sites sitemap smtp soporte ssh stage staging start subscribe
subdomain suporte support stat static stats status store stores system
tablet tablets tech telnet test test1 test2 test3 teste tests theme
themes tmp todo task tasks tools tv talk
update upload url user username usuario usage
vendas video videos visitor
win ww www www1 www2 www3 www4 www5 www6 www7 wwww wws wwws web webmail
website websites webmaster workshop
xxx xpg
you yourname yourusername yoursite yourdomain

Some of those reserved words are reserved because they are already taken by default domain names (www, ftp, pop, stmp, ns, ns1), other are used or reserved for internal use (devel, tests, scripts, support, search) and other are reserved for future use (mobile, music, games, newsletter, chat, downloads), other are default UNIX reserved logins (mysql, http, pop, postfix, webmaster, root).

Post by Postbit Blog (2011-09-15 10:47)

From: luky
thank you for the list guy, i am about to launch similar service and i was looking for such list :) 2015-03-24 15:05

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Name: Email: Site: access stats

We are implementing access stats for each user, so you can see your traffic statistics for each page that you have in your Postbit.

Postbit is also using external tools for analyzing global traffic data. We are testing tools like Google Analytics, Gauges (, Mint (, KISSmetrics and others.
Postbit just started a few days ago and it appears in (global Alexa Traffic Rank), positioned as the site number:

10,172,017 (in September, 10, 2011)
10,167,652 (in September, 15, 2011)
10,161,438 (in September, 16, 2011)
10,158,183 (in September, 17, 2011)
10,141,592 (in September, 19, 2011)
10,126,964 (in September, 26, 2011)
5,075,084 (in October, 01, 2011)
3,685,799 (in October, 10, 2011)
2,696,758 (in October, 14, 2011)
2,230,866 (in October, 31, 2011)
1,944,924 (in November, 7, 2011)
1,880,220 (in November, 22, 2011)
1,776,848 (in November, 25, 2011)
1,636,968 (in December, 7, 2011)
1,544,081 (in December, 10, 2011)
1,268,928 (in December, 21, 2011)
1,187,345 (in December, 24, 2011)
939,325 (in December, 31, 2011)
847,544 (in January, 2, 2012)
732,916 (in January, 10, 2012)
665,405 (in January, 24, 2012)
585,463 (in February, 9, 2012)
472,081 (in February, 15, 2012)
381,945 (in February, 29, 2012)
297,992 (in March, 22, 2012)
212,151 (in April, 17, 2012)
175,795 (in April, 27, 2012)
126,856 (in June, 4, 2012)
103,831 (in July, 4, 2012)
92,898 (in July, 11, 2012)
66,175 (in September, 28, 2012)
53,679 (in October 18, 2012)
48,187 (in October 30, 2012). Indexed by Google: 351000 pages, 73600 pictures.
41,448 (in November 15, 2012). Pagerank = 5

The lower the number, the better the site is positioned.
Our next goal is to reach below position 10000 in the rank of the most popular sites.

Current rank information source:

View this dynamic line graphic generated online with Javascript using Google Chart Tools API for data visualization. Source code included, so you can learn how to generate your own online graphics.

Post by Postbit Blog (2011-09-10 14:07)

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