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Album: Social Graphs and Internet Connections

Degree Centrality in Social Networks

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Degree Centrality in Social Networks
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Graph and Network Analysis can be used to find people with more influcence in social networks.

This graph was created with Wolfram Mathematica (software from the same creators of WolframAlpha intelligent search engine). Mathematica can be used to analyze and synthesize many types of graph and functions.

The complete software input to create this network graph is this code:

In[1]:= people = {"Elisabeth", "James", "Anna", "John", "Dorothy", "Linda",
"Michael", "Larry", "Carol", "Nancy", "David", "Nora", "Julia",
"Ben", "Oscar", "Felicia", "Arlene", "Rudy"};

In[2]:= relations =
Join @@ Table[
UndirectedEdge @@@
Subsets[family, {2}], {family, {{"Elisabeth", "Anna"}, {"James",
"Anna", "Linda", "Larry", "Nancy"}, {"John", "Dorothy",
"David"}, {"Linda", "Michael", "Nora", "Julia"}, {"Larry",
"Carol", "Ben", "Oscar"}, {"Nancy", "David",
"Arlene"}, {"Oscar", "Felicia"}, {"Arlene", "Rudy"}}}];

In[3] = g = Graph[people, relations, VertexSize -> Large,
VertexLabels -> "Name", ImagePadding -> 30];

In[4]:= cc = DegreeCentrality[g];

In[5]:= HighlightGraph[g,
ColorData["SolarColors"][cc[[i]]/Max[cc]]], {i, VertexCount[g]}],
ImageSize -> 500]

Posted with Postbit by Postbit Blog at 2011-09-17 09:49

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