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Album: Social Graphs and Internet Connections

Twitter Network

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Twitter Network
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Created using the Processing Language with data from the #slaname Twapper Keeper archive ( Based on the code of eskimoblood.

The thicker the line the more times USER sent an @reply to that person.
The more lines USER have, the more @replies to different people USER sent.
If USER don’t appear on the graph, but you know that USER sent out @replies, it’s because the person USER sent @reply to never sent out an @reply and so that person won’t appear on the graph and unfortunately, USER can’t either!
Interestingly, a few people only sent replies to themselves, so they do appear on the graph as a line that goes back to themselves.

The sample code from eskimoblood required that my data be in the following format:
* One array of all the usernames in alphabetical order
* A second multi-dimensional array that links the users with each other (in this case based on @replies) using an ID number. Like this: @amalthea67 {70, 74}

In other words @amalthea67 sent @replies to the 69th and 73rd person in the list of usernames on the wheel. The first person in the list is at number 0.

Here is an outline of what I did:

Queried the #sla2009 re-tweeter database for all tweets with @replies as of June 19, 2009
Using php, created an html table of this query that lists the ID of the tweet, the username of the person who sent the reply and the username(s) of the person(s) it was sent to.

SOURCE: #sla2009 Social Network Graph - Yankee in Canada blog.

Posted with Postbit by Postbit Blog at 2011-09-15 19:37

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