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Postbit technology

Postbit website is created using the following technologies and tools:

  • PERL (programming language) with mod_perl module
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL (database) and Memcached (cache engine to avoid database overload).
  • Hosted on Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • Backup created with Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store), S3 and rsync.
  • Server monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch for EC2 instances
  • Emails are sent with Postfix
  • Image compression tools
  • Search engine (proprietary search engine programmed in PERL)
  • Authentication module (proprietary single sign-on and Facebook/Twitter authentication API)
  • Encryption with bcrypt and Blowfish
  • Some pages are dynamically created and cached as static html
  • Dynamic pages are created with HTML 5, optimized JavaScript (with Closure Compiler), ajax and jQuery library.
  • Social Network integration with Google Plus and Facebook Like button and Twitter (Tweet button).
  • Dovecot: IMAP and POP email server (to to receive external emails, store into user's mailboxes and deliver messages to local users)
  • Postfix: to send emails from Postbit server to external email servers (sendmail) and used as smtpd (Postfix SMTP server) to deliver local user's emails to external servers.

Post by Postbit Blog (2011-10-26 11:32)

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